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  Hou Feng focuses on the products of automobile heat exchange system for 50 years. Professional R & D and production of automobile engine cooling module, air conditioning module and other heat exchange system products. At present, Houfeng has provided by the multi class, multi series products to the customer as the center for customers, provide the overall solution of automobile heat exchange system, to meet the real needs of customers and personalized design requirements, and take the lead in innovation and development of the radiator and the battery cooling plate of new energy vehicles, has been more and more domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers attention and approved. The product has reached eight series, more than 3000 species, annual production capacity of 3 million sets, suitable for cars, commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, about 1000000 sets of annual exports to the United States, has become the leading enterprises of Chinese automotive radiator industry, national auto parts export base enterprise, Chinese 100 auto parts supplier excellence.
  Hou Feng is willing to cooperate with you sincerely to become a global brand enterprise!

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